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Service Processing Tips

Fill out a packing slip

A packing slip helps us assess which tools you have shipped to us and their requested service. We recommend making two copies: one to ship, and the other to keep for your records. If you do not have online access, please call us and we can fax or mail these forms to you. If by some chance the box containing your tools was damaged, these forms will help us quickly account for any lost or stolen tools. The more information provided, the easier it will be both for you and for us.

Click here to download a blank packing slip.

Clearly tag your tool

Please attach a tag to your tool with the following information:

If you choose not to use a packing slip, make sure your name is on the tag.

Add a reference number to the tag if you would like to do so. We will keep this number in our records if you provide it.

Note the specific service requested: Warranty, estimate, or repair. Also indicate the problem with your tool. For example, you might indicate "Repair only trigger."

If desired, please provide the maximum repair cost you are willing to pay. This will will help us process your repair more quickly if our estimate repair cost is within your maximum repair cost.

If you are requesting warranty service, include a copy of the purchase receipt.


Please note any accessories if they have been left on the tool, but send only what is needed to assess the tool and prevent any unnecessary shipping costs by removing non-essential accessories. For example, there is no need to include side handles for 1" impact wrenches, and only the lower handle on torque wrenches is needed for calibration service. Whip hoses and fittings are also unnecessary.

For safety reasons, please leave on any guard that goes over a blade, such as for saws, grinders, and cut-off tools.

Pack securely

When providing packing filler, please do not use packing peanuts and please bag all small shredded material. Use only clean recyclable materials when shipping.

Important: Securely protect the sharp ends of your tools, especially air fittings and sharp accessories.

Important: Use lots of tape to protect the package and ensure it does not break open during shipping. Tools can fall out of packages en route if not they are not properly secured and sealed.


Make sure your shipment is sent to our commercial address:

Power Tool Repair

Check the approximate delivery time before deciding whether to expedite your package. We recommend shipping via UPS and/or FedEx due to their superior tracking and insurance.

If you are a dealer, it is cost-effective to ship more than one tool together, even if the services requested on the tools are different. The cost of shipping does not increase significantly when adding 2-4 tools to a single box if the tools are small.

Shipping 1-3 tools together is also recommended because it allows us to perform service on all the tools around the same time and return them all at the same time. It is more difficult for us to assess and complete service on larger batches of shipments.

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